If you aim to find more secure job opportunities within your area and be sure you will have a gig to work on tomorrow, this is precisely what you need. Or If your goal is to find a perfect match for your gig, again, coming in handy.

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Free hourly shift gigs for your task

Our platform is designed for you to effortlessly add gigs that will cost you nothing but a perfect candidate! Try 30-day-in-advance feature. No matter when your gig is taking place, tomorrow or in weeks, our platform is for the help!

Get Access to 200+ Laborer Skills

More than 200+ laborers applications are stored within the system and waiting to get you the right candidate. Proficient, educated, reliable, skilled, experienced, working with specific requests – not even a finished list of the qualities they possess. The widest selection on the market!

Our Testimonials

Achieve Remarkable Results
with “Find Talent”

I was at risk of missing deadline with my contract. The lack of workers was fixed with the Find a talent platform. I’ve managed to hire the needed workforce in no time and finished the project. Highly recommend!

Michael Hopps

Operations Manager

StrategicFly was a great find for my business. We decided to make a new project, which supposed to let us grow more, but we were lacking employees for that. StrategicFly platform helped us to get new specialists fast and easy. Without them we definitely couldn’t do that.

Darren Green

CEO at Crimson & Partners

I’ve been seraching for a financial assistant to do the smart business planning for my spa salon. Actually, I received a few offers shortly, and I’m glad my experience with StrategicFly exceeded my expectations!

Macy King

Business owner

I recently had the pleasure of working with StrategicFly and was thoroughly impressed by their efficiency and professionalism. Our project had tight deadlines and complex requirements, but the team at StrategicFly tackled it with ease. They delivered exceptional results within the agreed timeframe, and their communication throughout the process was excellent. Highly recommend their services!

Emily Jensen

Senior Project Manager

It’s not easy to be a single mom these days, that’s why I decided to ask Cascades’ tutors for help! Nowadays, I have a lot more time to myself and I can feel confident that my children are learning some new every day! Thank you Cascade! I will definitely recommend your services to my friends and family

Emily Cooper


Thank you, StrategicFly Team, for being so attentive to every measure I provided you with to find the best copywriter for my project. The deadline was tough and I had almost no time to complete my assignment. You saved if not my life but at least the project! Probably even my job!

Meridit Allen

Senior Marketing Producer