StrategicFly is a platform aiming to get you dive into the world of employees for any of your projects! Hiring needs of any peculiar project will be fulfilled with the pool of choice we offer!


We see ourselves as a future-oriented company where Find Talent platform is gaining population and trust by offering exceptional HR solutions and taking into account the needs of both parties, employee’s and employer’s. Verified professionals proving their expertise with various skills enlisted on the platform.

StrategicFly specializes in expanding the hiring solutions for every client. No matter if it is a full-time, part-time, hourly or weekly paid, scheduled in advance or the position has to be fulfilled on spot. More than 200+ different skills are systematized on the platform for your convenience. StrategicFly grants you the access to the vastest and the most variable list of workers seeking for the jobs with their unique experience and backgrounds.

StrategicFly is about multi serving. Dual-purpose recruitment allows an employee apply for secure jobs using our platform whereas the employee may find an expert for an upcoming project with Find Talent.